Hills Face Mask - Fit and Care Guide

How to Fit your Hills Face Mask:

It is essential to wash your mask before use for hygiene and an enhanced fit. 

- Insert filter in it’s pocket

- Use side straps to fit mask in place, put hands on side straps and pull mask to face, fitting on chin pocket first. 

- Keep hands away from face while putting on a mask - remember to use the side straps. 

- Position mask to fit snuggly around chin. Adjust fit if needed by tightening side straps with a knot.

- Press the nose-wire on the top front of the mask to shape to your nose and cheeks for a tighter fit.

- Pull the straps up behind your head & fasten the Velcro at back of head. 

How to Care for your Face Mask

- remove the filter and wash separately by hand in warm soapy water 

- Handwash mask In soap and water or light machine wash in warm water with non scented laundry powder. 

- do not bleach mask or filter 

- mask and filter can be warm ironed 

- we recommend washing regularly 

- do not dry clean