SMART, Alec Hat Care Guide

You can extend the life of your hat by caring for it well. Our Hat Care Guide provides easy tips to handle, clean and store your hats. 

Hat Handling

Be gentle with your hat and it will look it’s best for much longer. Here our tips: 

  • Keep it cool - If the hat is not on your head remember to keep it out of the sun and out of direct sunlight. 
  • Develop the habit of picking up your hat, putting it on and taking it off with both your hands on the brim rather than using the crown. If you pinch the front crown of your hat when putting it on your head,  this in time will cause a sharp point which will be the first place the hat will wear.
  • Steam it back into Shape - If your hat brim or crown is out of shape over steam a kettle will do nicely, until the hat is warm and slightly moist, then gently mould back into shape with your hands. If you are unsure about reshaping yourself please contact our hat repair workshop

Hat Storage

There are several ways to store a hat and hats can look as great displayed in your home as they do on the head: 

  • Hook it or Store it Upside down - The best way to store your Hat is on a hat stand or to rest it on its crown upside down on a table, shelf or in a cupboard. Avoid resting your hat on it’s brim as this could pull the hat out of proportion overtime.
  • Storing your hat away from direct light and moisture will reduce sun fading and damage
  • Hats should not be rolled for long periods of time

Wool and Fur Felt Hat Care

A few simple ways to keep your felts looking at their finest: 

  • Give your felt hats a brush from time to time in an anti-clockwise direction with one of our soft bristled hat brushes to remove dust.

 Panama & Straw Hat Care

Panama and Straw hat care is easy when you know how, here’s our tips: 

  • To maintain wipe your hat down with a slightly damp clean white cloth
  • On occasion place your hat in a steamy bathroom or hold it over boiling water to keep the straw supple.  

     Further Hat Care

    • If your Hat requires special care such as stain removal, stretching or reshaping please contact us at our hat repair workshop: